Employee wellness is often affected by long hours on screens. This image shows a group of colleagues looking at a computer monitor at work.

Transforming Employee Wellness: The Impact of Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors at a Fortune 10 Company

Long hours on screens have become an inevitable part of the workday, especially in remote and hybrid environments, where employees use computers for nearly all their daily tasks. A leading Fortune 10 company surveyed its workforce and many people reported issues of digital eye strain, headaches, trouble sleeping and poor concentration.

The company’s leadership team, recognizing the need for solutions to improve digital wellness, implemented a pilot program to test the effectiveness of Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Protectors. The results are a testament to how health-focused technology solutions can dramatically enhance employee wellness and productivity.

The Problem: Health Issues Associated with High Screen-Time Jobs

Employees often spend 11+ hours on their devices each day, which exposes them to high-energy blue light from their screens. This has contributed to a rise in health symptoms, including irritated, dry eyes and sleep disruption. These issues not only affect the individual’s health, but often have a negative impact on productivity and concentration during the workday.

Implementing a Solution: Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors

To address these concerns, the Fortune 10 company installed Eyesafe Screen Protectors on employee monitors at a large call center. Developed with leading ophthalmologists and optometrists, these protectors deliver selective blue light filtration at the wavelengths that matter most to vision (435-440 nm), while also maintaining screen color and brightness.

Impressive Results: Significant Improvement in Health and Productivity

Employee wellness improved following a Fortune 10 pilot with Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protection.

In a post-implementation survey, employee responses revealed significant improvements in eye comfort, sleep, concentration and productivity.

  • 80% experienced relief from symptoms related to digital eye strain, such as dry eyes and headaches.
  • 66% improvement in sleep quality and quantity after using Eyesafe.
  • 77% improvement in concentration and 71% improvement in productivity after using Eyesafe.

User testimonials highlighted the personal impact of the pilot:

  • “Better sleep and fewer headaches at the end of my shift.”
  • “This product has improved my productivity and concentration.”
  • “I appreciate my company putting my health first.”
Picture of Dr. David Friess
David Friess, OD

“The pilot’s success underscores how crucial it is to reduce blue light exposure, while confirming the effectiveness of Eyesafe solutions”, said David Friess, OD, FAAO and Chair of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board. “Through rigorous research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, Eyesafe products both help improve eye comfort and sleep, and contribute to productivity and wellbeing. This outcome serves as a call to action for other companies to incorporate Eyesafe solutions in the workplace.”

A Call to Action for Health in the Workplace

The pilot’s success has set a compelling precedent for other companies to consider similar initiatives. Eyesafe not only delivered a practical solution to reduce blue light, but also highlighted the role of corporate responsibility to ensure digital wellbeing of the workforce.

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