Image of imos Eyesafe® RPF60 SOLID-EX2 Low Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone and iPad

imos and Eyesafe Partner to Launch a Premium Line of Blue Light Screen Protectors in Taiwan

Eyesafe, a global leader in blue light filtering technology, has partnered with imos, Taiwan’s leading screen protector brand, to introduce innovative screen protection products. Unveiled at the imos launch event in Taipei, these new screen protectors feature Eyesafe® technology to reduce blue light while maintaining vibrant screen colors. This collaboration combines imos’ dedication to quality and innovation with Eyesafe’s expertise, resulting in products that offer exceptional protection and visual comfort.

Picture of John Ryan

Former UnitedHealthcare Vision CEO John Ryan Joins Eyesafe as Senior Advisor

Eyesafe, a global leader in blue light filtering technology, products and standards, is excited to welcome John Ryan to its Senior Advisory Board. As the former CEO of UnitedHealthcare Vision, Ryan brings over three decades of executive leadership, insights, and a track record of growth. His tenure at UnitedHealthcare Vision is marked by significant achievements, including double digit revenue and profitability growth; increasing covered membership 25% thereby expanding access to quality vision care for 25 million Americans; and introducing innovative vision care products, services, and partnerships.


Eyesafe and TÜV Rheinland Raise the Bar for Blue Light Screen Protectors

Eyesafe, a world leader in blue light mitigation technology, and TÜV Rheinland Group, a global leader in third-party testing and certification, today announced Eyesafe® Accessory Requirements 2.0. This program provides a universal measure to assess blue light hazard on optical films and replaces former requirements measuring filtration across the full blue light spectrum (380 to 500 nm).

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