In partnership with the healthcare community, our mission is to design and develop blue light mitigation products, technologies and standards for a global audience. We stand for integrity, quality, passion, care for people and courage. Eyesafe is looking for qualified team members:



Technical Sales
Application Engineering at Eyesafe is an exciting career opportunity to bring Eyesafe’s chemical and material technology to global display industry.



Marketing Coordinator
A Marketing Coordinator at Eyesafe will be responsible for executing and implementing marketing campaigns in collaboration with the Eyesafe Marketing Manager and team.



EVP, Screen Filtration Accessories
As head of Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Filters, the EVP will work with the Eyesafe team and partners to further the mission of low blue light product solutions for the world’s device users.



Formulation Scientist
Eyesafe is looking for a Formulation Scientist who has experience with coating formulations for optical products. Experience in developing these coatings for both pilot scale and production is important.



Updated: 08.15.21