Introducing Eyesafe® Display Technology for Dell Notebooks. Announced at Computex Taipei, Dell has introduced the first-to-market performance notebook computers with Eyesafe®. Learn more.



The Eyesafe® Display Standards were developed in collaboration with world-leading eye doctors and scientists, taking into account the latest research on the effects of prolonged exposure to blue light. Learn more >

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We spend more time than ever on our digital devices. Screen time has grown to 11 hours for the average American according to the most recent Nielsen Audience Report. Over the past 20 years, new forms of man-made digital light have emerged that have changed our exposure to light in ways that may put our vision at risk. Eyesafe provides you with digital light protection by selectively filtering the UV light and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light that is emitted from digital light sources. Learn more about blue light, research, and standards.


Eyesafe and Healthe collaborate with the world’s largest manufacturers, standards and certification organizations and leaders in eye and healthcare. Learn more.

Eyesafe® products – including displays and screen protection – intelligently manage high-energy visible blue light emissions while maintaining high-quality color performance. Learn more.

Eyesafe® Display

Built in to your phone, tablet or computer, an Eyesafe® Display provides protection from high-energy visible blue light while maintaining color performance. Eyesafe® Display is always on, day and night, intelligently managing blue light while maintaining on-screen color fidelity.

Eyesafe® Screen Protection

Blocking high-energy blue light with a screen cover for your phone, tablet and computer. Eyesafe technology is integrated into ZAGG screen protection to provide selective blue light filtration while balancing color. Shop ZAGG VisionGuard with Eyesafe for your phone or tablet here.

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Standards and Requirements

The Eyesafe® logo mark on products guarantees that those products achieve Eyesafe® Requirements for blue light protection and color performance.

The Eyesafe® 2019 Requirements have been developed based upon the latest guiding research, ANSI and CIE Standards, and recommendations from leading eye doctors. Learn more



Eyesafe® technology selectively blocks portions of the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light spectrum without disrupting color performance or user experience.

Similar to sunscreens, which have an SPF rating, Eyesafe products have an RPF® rating — or Retina Protection Factor. The higher the RPF, the more digital blue light energy is blocked.

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