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Blue Light Risks for Employees

Blue light is a high-energy, low wavelength light that is not easily filtered by our eyes. As employees spend more time using digital devices, such as laptops, monitors and phones, there is increasing concern. Potential benefits of reducing exposure to blue light include:

Workplace Blue Light Solutions

Eyesafe® Screen Protectors go above and beyond ordinary protection – not only do they protect the device, but they also filter out high-energy blue light that can affect employee health and productivity.

• Premium impact and scratch-resistance
• Always-on blue light protection
• Maintains vivid screen color
• Significant cost savings vs device replacement
• Volume-based discounts

Sysco Improved Employee Wellness with Eyesafe

“Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors offered a ‘set it and forget it’ solution that was easy and effective. The blue light filtration technology was great, and an added benefit was the straightforward implementation and deployment. The install was effortless with zero downtime, and furthermore, there was no impact to the warranties of existing equipment. It was the clean, simple solution we were looking for, and the feedback from users has been very positive.”
– Tom Peck, Chief Information Digital Officer, Sysco

81% of employers believe blue light protection may improve workplace productivity1 and 89% of employees believe they should be protected from blue light.2

Seamless from Start to Finish

Getting your employees set up for success, whether they work remotely or in the office, can offer many challenges. Eyesafe will provide you with exceptional customer support along the way. We have a team ready to install the screen protectors on employee devices, so there is little effort or time commitment on your part. Help your employees thrive in the workplace – contact us today.

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