Intelligent blue light reduction at the source.

Eyesafe® Display intelligently manages light energy at the source – selectively reducing blue light and dispersing across the light spectrum.


Eyesafe® Display

Built right in to the display, with no need to adjust settings or worry about a compromised color experience, Eyesafe® Displays provide beautiful color with reduced harmful blue light. Shop products meeting Eyesafe® Display Standards here.

Eyesafe Display Reduces Harmful Blue Light and Maintains Vivid Color.

Eyesafe® Screen Protection

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How it works

Eyesafe® technology reduces selective portions of the light spectrum without disrupting the color and user experience. Eyesafe® solutions pinpoint certain areas of the blue light spectrum while maintaining other beneficial areas of the color spectrum.

Look for Eyesafe®

The Eyesafe logo represents industry leading standards and products that achieve Eyesafe Requirements for blue light reduction and color performance. Learn more about Eyesafe Requirements.

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