How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age

The Handbook on Blue Light, Screen Time, Health and Electronics

Sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, this handbook provides electronics manufacturers, healthcare providers and consumers important information about potential risks from rising screen time and blue light exposure. Download this valuable resource to learn more about:

• How blue light impacts the eye and body
• Key research and studies
• Perspectives from eye care professionals
• Screen time and children
• Guidance for manufacturers 
• Regulatory actions
• Display industry standards and requirements
• Best-in-class product solutions

“This book brings the risks of blue light overexposure and skyrocketing screen time into sharp focus—for the health and safety of students, employees, and anyone who uses digital devices.”

Dr. Scott Edmonds, OD, FAAO, Chief Eye Care Officer UnitedHealthcare

Screen time has increased to over 13 hours per day1 since the onset of COVID-19, and with it, our exposure to intense blue light from digital devices. How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age is the go-to resource on the concerns and solutions.

“The impact of high-energy blue light emissions on children is a significant health concern.”

Dr. Richard Pan, Pediatrician and California State Senator

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1 Eyesafe estimate based on Nielsen Q3 2019 Total Audience Report
2 2022 Screen Time Survey from Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare, January 2022

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