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Eyesafe for ZAGG InvisibleShield

ZAGG InvisibleShield with Eyesafe Blue Light Protection

ZAGG was the first major electronics accessory brand to integrate blue light filtration into their screen protectors. In the face of mounting studies examining the connection between digital device use and health, ZAGG saw the need to protect consumers from high-energy blue light.

ZAGG InvisibleShield VisionGuard screen protectors with Eyesafe advanced technology:
• Reduces blue light by 40% (435-440nm)
• Preserves the true colors of your screen
• Developed with eye doctors

10M+ Sold Globally

#1 Trusted Best Selling Screen Protection in the US

Award-winning blue light screen protection

Developed with doctors, meets industry-leading standards

ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protection with Eyesafe® patented technology is developed with eye doctors to promote eye health and reduce high-energy blue light. Certified by TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in independent product verification.

Eyesafe Protection Developed with Eye Doctors Certified by TUV Rheinland

ZAGG InvisibleShield Eyesafe Filtration Diagram

No yellow tint

The Eyesafe® layer filters intense blue light right at the source: your device screen. Unlike a Night Mode setting, VisionGuard with Eyesafe technology maintains the superior color performance of your screen, with no yellow tint.

InvisibileShield Eyesafe reduces blue light with no yellow tint

“Given that eyes are still developing through the teenage years, blue light protection
is important for children’s eyes.”

– Sheri Rowen, MD World-recognized ophthalmologist and Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board member

Dr. Sheri Rowen, Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board

ZAGG Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protection

ZAGG InvisibleShield VisionGuard®
World class impact and scratch protection, combined with Eyesafe blue light technology filters out 40% of high-energy blue light (435-440nm).
• Glass Elite VisionGuard
• Glass Elite+: Gamer’s Edition
• GlassFusion VisionGuard+
• Ultra VisionGuard+
• Glass XTR
• Glass+ VisionGuard

ZAGG InvisibleShield On Demand
InvisibleShield on Demand (ISOD) machines custom cut screen protectors for virtually any device in seconds. Some ISOD customers now carry InvisibleShield VisionGuard film with Eyesafe technology to provide customers with exceptional device protection and blue light filtration.

“With ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protection on millions of devices today, and millions more to come, we are in a unique position to truly do something meaningful about blue light. Protecting against the negative effects of screen time and high-energy light are all a part of our mission to protect better.”
– Chris Ahern CEO, ZAGG

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