Eyesafe CFX color filter technology enhances displays and reduces blue light

Increase display luminance by up to 20%

Enabling the healthiest and most energy efficient displays in the world. New Eyesafe® CFX color filter technology improves display luminance with blue light protection and exceptional color performance.

Integration of materials within the color filter improves energy efficiency and color performance.

Color filter, reinvented

Primary colors in traditional color filters are less saturated with sacrifices to gamut. Eyesafe CFX sharpens primary colors to bring increased luminance and wider color gamut to the full range of displays, with a reduction in blue light toxicity.

Eyesafe CFX compared to Conventional Color Filter

Save energy without compromise

• Improve brightness efficiency by up to 20%
• Increase DCI-P3 and BT-2020 gamut coverage
• Reduce number of LEDs, power supply or battery size
• Enhanced chemical stability, compatible with existing resins
• Reduces blue light toxicity

Eyesafe CFX increased luminance

Eyesafe CFX emission-curve

Better displays, better value

Eyesafe CFX makes low blue light certification a cost-effective value add.
• Designed to meet Energy Star, EU and Eyesafe Requirements
• Adds value and differentiation of display panel
• Enables higher performance from less expensive materials
• Enables cost savings, minimizes thickness

RPF Radiance Protection Factor Scale

“A doctor quote here. Something about Consumers are demanding displays that are designed for eye comfort and better for the planet. Eyesafe CFX makes blue light protection the new de facto standard, and enables displays to be brighter, and more energy efficient. ”
– Dr. David Friess, OD Chair of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory BoardDr. David Friess

Save energy without compromise

Achieves Industry Standards for Blue Light Emissions and Color

Eyesafe CFX technology will enable displays to achieve Eyesafe® Certification provided by TÜV Rheinland – a global leader in independent third-party certification, testing and assessment services. Eyesafe® Display Requirements are based in optical testing and research.

Consumer demand for low blue light displays is on the rise. Industry trends are pushing manufacturers to reduce environmental impact and energy draw. Now manufacturers can optimize their displays without compromise. Eyesafe CFX is suitable for a variety of applications, including notebook PCs, gaming monitors, commercial monitors, TV, mobile devices and more.


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