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Eyesafe DTX Low Blue Light Technology in the Display Stack

Introducing the next generation of blue light management, designed for performance,
designed for health.

Introducing the next generation of blue light management. Eyesafe DTX is changing how we see digital displays, designed for performance, designed for health.

2023 CES Innovation Award Winner

Eyesafe has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association for its advanced blue light mitigating technology, Eyesafe® DTX. BenQ is the first global brand to adopt Eyesafe DTX.

News: Eyesafe and BenQ Unveil Monitor with World’s Most Advanced Blue Light Display Technology at CES

Eyesafe DTX redistributes high energy blue light for luminance and performance

Eyesafe DTX Utilizes Blue Light Energy to Improve Display Performance

Eyesafe DTX is a patented technology which absorbs and recycles blue light energy to the red and green parts of the color spectrum.
• Reduces blue light toxicity while maintaining the white point
• Optimizes luminance and/or color gamut
• Can improve battery efficiency (notebooks)
• Simple application within existing display stack

Display Technology Performance Multiplied

Eyesafe DTX appeared in the Innovation Zone (I-Zone) at Display Week 2022 with official launch at Computex 2022. This innovative new technology has broad applications for LED backlight devices, including notebooks, monitors, TVs, and mobile displays.


CES Display Week Izone Computex

“Eyesafe DTX is a major step forward in the evolution of the display industry, making low blue light products a reality for more consumers around the world.”
– Dr. Richard Lindstrom, MD and member of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board

Increased Luminance and Battery Life

Energy efficiency is everything and other low blue light solutions noticeably dim the screen. Depending on configuration, Eyesafe DTX has the potential to reduce power draw without impacting the brightness of your display. Proprietary materials applied to the diffuser sheet optimizes the white point and maintains or improves luminance.


Eyesafe Display Technology Blue Light Innovative Materials Reduce Blue Light at the Source

Low Blue Light in Stunning Color

Electronics manufacturers and suppliers are quickly adapting their products to meet increasing consumer demand for low blue light displays. Conventional software and hardware solutions often require sacrifices in color performance. Eyesafe DTX patented technology absorbs the problematic source energy to reduce blue light toxicity and compensates for color change.

Ease of Implementation

Eyesafe DTX for Diffuser is implemented directly within the backlight unit. It is incorporated directly within the current structure of the diffuser within the anti-blocking layer, resulting in no impact on the current structure of the display or z height dimensions.

Replacing the existing diffuser preserves the integrity of the display design and results in:
• Reduced costs and engineering time
• Reduced need for burn-in, stability testing
• No need to adjust LEDs and color filter
• All software controls remain effective

Eyesafe DTX Whitepaper

Health-Driven Product Design is Fueling Innovation

How does Eyesafe DTX work? What advantages does it offer display manufacturers? Download the White Paper for more information on the background, technology, research, and product applications.

Eyesafe DTX: Utilizing High-Energy Blue Light to Improve Display Performance

Achieves Industry Standards for Blue Light Emissions and Color

Eyesafe DTX technology will enable displays to achieve Eyesafe® Certification, provided by TÜV Rheinland – a global leader in independent third-party certification, testing and assessment services. Eyesafe® Display Requirements are based in optical testing and research.

Scalable and Cost Competitive

Eyesafe DTX is suitable for a variety of applications, including TV, gaming monitors, commercial monitors, notebook PCs, mobile devices and more.

Eyesafe DTX for Monitor Notebook TV and Mobile

“Although this is a technology that will be implemented far upstream in the supply chain, the real beneficiary of this technology will be the consumer. Now, with Eyesafe DTX, the global display industry will be armed with a powerful new technology to reduce blue light risks without the need to sacrifice brightness or color performance.”
– Dr. William B. Trattler MD, ophthalmologist and member of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board

Dr. William Trattler, Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board

Eyesafe Display Technology Blue Light Diffuser Sheet


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