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The leaders in quantum dot technology and blue light mitigation present patented new solutions for LED displays with advanced blue light protection and exceptional color performance.

The leaders in quantum dot technology and blue light mitigation present patented new solutions for LED displays.

Quantum dot redesigned for health

Eyesafe QD is a new type of quantum dot component for LCD screens designed for human health. Each sheet of Eyesafe QD contains trillions of quantum dots which absorb blue light from a standard LED, converting it into a perfectly optimized red, green and blue spectrum.

Fighting blue with blue

Eyesafe QD cutting-edge blue quantum dot technology reduces blue light toxicity and is designed to dramatically improve color gamut over typical LED, and its free of heavy metals like zinc and cadmium – a better solution for people and planet.

Eyesafe QD blue dot -heavy metal free

A collaboration by Eyesafe and Nanosys introduced at CES 2023

This innovative new technology has broad applications for LED backlight devices, including notebooks, monitors, and TVs.


A world’s first

Not only a revolution for healthier displays, Eyesafe QD is the world’s first commercialized blue quantum dot technology. Existing quantum dot solutions focus on red and green light. Now, Eyesafe and Nanosys bring to market a new blue quantum dot that absorbs high-energy blue light and emits in a healthier portion of the color spectrum.

Eyesafe QD guarantees advanced blue light protection with a minimum rating of RPF50, and delivers full DCI-P3 color volume and +58% perceived improvement in blue luminance.

“Eye doctors are enthusiastic about Eyesafe QD because it will immediately address the blue light issue for the biggest screen in the home – TVs and monitors which are getting bigger, brighter and, frankly, a lot more use these days.”
– Dr. David Friess, OD Chair of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory BoardDr. David Friess

Industry-leading standards

Quantum dot technology has lacked a central set of requirements and a universally accepted standard for performance, which has led to confusion among consumers. Eyesafe QD can be certified by TÜV Rheinland, the global leader in third-party testing and certification. Requirements will be announced to the global display industry later this year.

Eyesafe QD Display Standards

No tradeoffs. Simply better color performance.

Achieves Industry Standards for Blue Light Emissions and Color

Eyesafe QD technology will enable displays to achieve Eyesafe® Certification provided by TÜV Rheinland – a global leader in independent third-party certification, testing and assessment services. Eyesafe® Display Requirements are based in optical testing and research.

When performance counts

Consumer demand for low blue light displays is on the rise and now manufacturers can optimize their displays without compromise. Eyesafe QD is suitable for a variety of applications, including TV, gaming monitors, commercial monitors, notebook PCs, mobile devices and more.


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