76% of Sysco employees report improved wellbeing after using Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protection

76% of Sysco Employees Report Improved Wellness with Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protection

In today’s technology-driven world, the use of computers, smartphones, and other digital devices is essential to many workplaces. However, prolonged exposure to digital screens may contribute to eye strain, headaches, disrupted sleep and productivity loss. Employers can take proactive steps to address this issue by implementing blue light solutions, such as Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Protectors.

Sysco, #70 on the Fortune 500 list and the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food and non-food products to restaurants, has over 71,000 employees, 650,000 customers and $68 billion in revenue (fiscal year 2022 ending July 2, 2022). As part of a pilot program, Sysco installed Eyesafe Screen Protectors on a sub-set of employee devices. Employees taking part in the pilot completed a before-and-after survey to gauge the benefits related to eye comfort, sleep and productivity.

The results of the survey were impressive:

  • 76% of users reported improved wellness benefits
  • 85% of users reported a positive installation experience
  • 40% of users reported improved digital eye strain symptoms
  • 41% of users reported improved concentration and focus
  • 29% of users reported improved sleep

Some of the comments from the pilot included: “eyes are not as tired after 8 hours of working on the computer,” “eyes felt less strained at the end of the day,” and “headaches have no longer become a normal after-work symptom.”

Sysco Plans for Company-Wide Rollout

Due to the promising results of the Eyesafe Screen Protection pilot program, Sysco has decided to take proactive measures to prioritize the health and wellbeing of its employees. With more than 71,000 associates, the company plans to roll out Eyesafe Screen Protectors to the majority of its employees, ensuring that everyone can benefit from blue light protection. By implementing this solution, Sysco is sending a clear message that it values its employees and is committed to promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

By following Sysco’s example and implementing Eyesafe Screen Protectors in the workplace, employers can show their employees they care about health and wellbeing. This proactive approach can lead to happier, healthier, and more productive employees, while reducing the potential risks related to blue light exposure. If you’re interested in getting Eyesafe for your workplace, you can contact us at [email protected] or through our website.


About Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protection

Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors are available for phones, laptops, monitors, and tablets. They are designed with eye doctors to filter out blue light, while offering best-in-class screen protection. They’re easy to install and don’t affect screen quality or product warranty. Employers find they are a cost-effective solution to reduce blue light, with built-in always-on protection that helps promote eye comfort and better sleep. Learn more.

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