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Eyesafe to Receive New Patent for Blue Light Management and Light Conversion in the Display Backlight Unit

Ahead of product announcements with the world’s largest brands, Eyesafe announces the next generation of blue light management for the display industry.


MINNEAPOLIS / July 13, 2021

Eyesafe Inc., the global leader in low blue light solutions for consumer electronics and display innovation designed for human health, is announcing today that U. S. Patent Pub. 20210165276, which concerns new intellectual property (IP) related to the light conversion and mitigation of toxic blue light emissions originating in the backlight unit portion of the display, has been allowed by the USPTO. This allowed patent, together with its suite of other issued and licensed patents and filed patent applications, further solidifies Eyesafe’s market-leading IP position for toxic blue light filtration and color integrity for the display industry.

Eyesafe light conversion technology is the new method for the display industry to manage high-energy blue light more intelligently. To learn more, request the whitepaper.

Compared to other industry solutions that add complexity to the supply chain, or significantly disrupt color performance, Eyesafe® Display Technology provides a simplified and improved process for manufacturers to implement within existing display stack layers. Eyesafe® Display Technology meets the rigorous, industry leading standards for low blue light, with the added benefit of improving color performance that is developed for scale.

“We believe that devices should be safe and that manufacturers should be able to easily implement solutions for all displays to achieve these industry leading standards. Today’s announcement provides paths for the world’s brands to develop next generation display technology for blue light management,” commented Justin Barrett, CEO of Eyesafe. “I want to commend the Eyesafe R&D team, led by Derek Harris, Ph.D., for this exciting solution. Our team is building a future of displays that most effectively manage high-energy blue light emissions, and we look forward to exciting upcoming announcements with the largest brands in consumer electronics.”

“Eyesafe® Display Technology marks a major milestone for the industry – one that challenges conventional wisdom about how low blue light levels can be achieved,” said Derek Harris, Ph.D., the VP of R&D at Eyesafe. “This new IP makes achieving Eyesafe® Standards – the most rigorous standards of its kind in the industry – easier to implement, with less of the typical tradeoffs in color performance, luminance, or cost.”

With this announcement, Eyesafe adds to its leading patent position, bringing innovation to displays around light conversion and the mitigation of the toxic portions of blue light emissions without compromising color integrity and luminance. Eyesafe® Display Technology includes innovative material applications in the backlight unit and directly manages existing layers of the display stack.

“We believe that all digital display devices should incorporate health factors into their design and align with standards based on clinical research,” said Dr. David Friess, Chair of the Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board. “Eyesafe® Display Technology makes it easy for the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers to introduce Eyesafe® Display product solutions across a broad array of consumer and commercial devices.”

The display industry is shifting its focus to human health in the wake of pandemic, putting blue light reduction at the forefront of display design decisions,” observed Davis Lee, the Chief Strategic and Business Development Officer for Eyesafe. “Our company is proud to support major device manufacturers in their move to design and build displays that prioritize human health.”

Be among the first to know more about this new approach to blue light management and its use of proprietary and licensed intellectual property in the creation of healthier displays. Request the whitepaper.

Eyesafe’s complete suite of patent filings and licensed patents can be found here.



About Eyesafe
Eyesafe Inc. is the worldwide supplier of advanced blue light mitigating technology, solutions, and standards. With pioneering products and services, in collaboration with leaders in healthcare, Eyesafe is shaping the future of low blue light consumer electronics. Eyesafe® Standards, Eyesafe® Technology, and the associated intellectual property portfolio is developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers, and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, light management, optometry, and ophthalmology. The Eyesafe brand is trusted by consumers and integrated in millions of digital devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, ZAGG and others. Eyesafe was recently ranked #5 in the computer hardware category in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Learn more at

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