BOE Eyesafe Display Low Blue Light Monitors and Laptops

BOE Announces New Eyesafe Display Solutions Achieving Industry Leading Low Blue Light and Full Color Performance

The World’s Largest Display Manufacturer Announces Eyesafe Display Solutions and Commitment to Consumer Health and Safety

MINNEAPOLIS, MN // June 23, 2020 Today Eyesafe®, the world leader in blue light solutions for the display industry and BOE Technology Group Co., or BOE, the industry leading display manufacturing company for consumer electronics brands, announced today that its first displays have met the requirements for Eyesafe Display Certification for Low Blue Light and Color Performance. The testing certification was conducted by TÜV Rheinland, the globally recognized leader in independent third-party testing for manufacturing. The Eyesafe Display certification will enable BOE to meet rapidly growing demand from leading consumer electronics brands that are incorporating Eyesafe Display Low Blue Light Safety Requirements into their products, ranging from monitors, laptops, all-in-ones, and other display products.

BOE is taking an industry leading role as consumer electronics brands are stepping up efforts to bring low blue light solutions to the marketplace in response to growing concerns about escalating screen time worldwide. Faced with widespread shelter-in-place orders to combat the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people around the globe are now watching more television as well working and studying from home, which is resulting in increased exposure to high-energy blue light, which growing research suggests presents a variety of health concerns over time.

The Eyesafe Display Standard is the most advanced health and safety certification for the development and manufacturing of displays that reduce emission of high-energy blue light while maintaining color integrity. The Eyesafe Display mark is provided once a given product has been tested to ensure that it meets the standard’s certification requirements, a process which then enables suppliers to both identify their commitment to consumer and worker health and safety as well as open up their distribution channels to the many consumer-facing brands that are making Eyesafe Display a necessary requirement in their new product development processes.

“In this rapidly developing information age, display panels are widely used as an interface for human interaction. As consumers use monitors longer hours and users become younger and younger, people’s demand for healthy eye protection is becoming stronger,” said BOE Deputy General Manager Wu Yanbing. “BOE has always been people-oriented and is committed to bringing users a better display experience. This time we have a total of seven products that passed the test. More products will be launched in the future. BOE will work with Eyesafe and TUV Rheinland to provide users with healthy and high-quality products.”

The Eyesafe Display Standard was developed in partnership with TÜV Rheinland and in consultation with the Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board, a group of leading optometrists and ophthalmologists from across the globe. The standard is the industry’s leading low blue light certification that is based on comprehensive clinical health and safety research. The Eyesafe Display Standard is TÜV Rheinland’s recommended set of advanced requirements for the information technology industry high-intensity users across Public Sector, Enterprise, and Education verticals.

“It is more important than ever for leaders in the display technology industry to commit to consumers’ health and safety with the Eyesafe mark, especially as consumers are continuing to spend a historic amount of time in front of screens,” said Justin Barrett, CEO of Eyesafe. “Today’s announcement further supports BOE’s commitment to its users by providing them with high-end products that also provide reduced levels of high-energy blue light.”

“Across the globe, the increasing use of displays as people spend larger amounts of time each day using devices and screens for work, education and entertainment has further increased the attention around health and wellness concerns with high-energy blue light,” commented Dr. David Friess of the Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board. “We are very pleased to see that BOE, as one of the world’s most important electronics display manufacturers, is making consumer health a priority by taking these steps to adopt the Eyesafe® Display Standard to bring advanced low blue light displays to market.”

The Eyesafe Display Standard represents the most comprehensive set of health and safety requirements for low blue light displays to date and were developed with input from leaders in the healthcare community including world-renowned optometrists and ophthalmologists.

The BOE panel solutions designated as meeting the Eyesafe Display Standard can be found at

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Eyesafe is the worldwide supplier of Eyesafe® technology, Eyesafe® display, and Eyesafe® standards, a suite of pioneering products and services that are shaping the consumer electronics industry’s understanding of device usage, screen time, and the impacts of blue light-emitting devices. Eyesafe® technology and the associated intellectual property portfolio was developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, and light management. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eyesafe works to develop technologies and standards in conjunction with leaders in healthcare. Supported by the Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board, the Eyesafe Display requirements are based on the growing body of research for blue light exposure and the consumer electronics industry’s requirements for accurate color performance. To learn more, please visit