New Survey Finds 69% of Consumers Concerned with Screen Time Health Impacts Amid Pandemic Screen Time Spike

A new survey from AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) and Eyesafe identifies growing public concern about the health and safety concerns of extended exposure to screens and blue light. In the survey results released on June 18th, 2020, consumer concern appears to have increased associated with growing screen time levels following COVID-19 and home confinement. It has estimated that COVID-19 has led to a spike in daily screen time in excess of 13 hours per day.

Key results from the June consumer survey include:

69% are concerned about extended exposure to devices and screen time

78% are aware of the health and safety concerns that have been raised about screen time and extended exposure to blue light from devices

65% of consumers experience attribute eye irritation as result of extended use of electronic devices

62% believe productivity increase of at least 25% may be experienced with effective protection from harmful blue light

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