Gene Munster predicts 1.3 billion displays 1 inch from the eye by 2030, calls for consumer-friendly display standard

Gene Munster predicts 1.3 billion displays 1 inch from the eye by 2030, calls for consumer-friendly display standard

Technology industry expert Gene Munster predicts massive growth in near-eye displays over the next decade at “Future of Low Blue Light Displays” event.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN // May 21, 2020 // Industry technology expert Gene Munster and Managing Partner of Loup Ventures made bold predictions about the future of near-eye displays over the next decade. During the “Future of Low Blue Light Displays” event hosted by Eyesafe, Gene shared prediction of significant growth of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality products to 1.3 billion by 2030.

During the event with the world’s largest display manufacturers including BOE, AUO, Innolux and TCL CSOT, Gene issued a call-to-action for the industry to build around a consumer-friendly standard for displays and high-energy blue light.

“Today’s announcement that the computer electronics supply chain is coalescing around a single unified standard for blue light management is an important milestone for the industry,” Gene remarked. “With average screen time now reaching unprecedented levels and showing no signs of abating, it’s more important than ever that consumer brands have an easy-to-understand standard like Eyesafe for addressing consumers’ health and safety concerns.”

Gene identified this market shift for displays as part of a next major innovation in technology.

Consumer and industry-wide interest in low blue light solutions and standards has dramatically increased in recent years, forcing many companies to pursue their own low blue light management hardware and software solutions, which has resulted in significant confusion in the marketplace about the differences in the various solutions and standards. By adopting industry-leading standards that display manufacturers can certify against, TÜV Rheinland is bringing much-needed order and consistency to the marketplace, creating uniform standards and a more comprehensive means for the industry to talk to end-consumers about the health impacts of toxic blue light.

“As Gene mentions, displays are moving closer and closer to the eye, and this trend is not only concerning, but requires immediate action by the display industry,” said Dr. David Friess, an internationally-recognized optometrist and member of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board. “It is urgent that display manufacturers bring improved display solutions to market based on clinical health research which ultimately benefit consumers.”

The average amount of hours spent in front of displays, which has been growing at alarming rates in recent years, has spiked significantly as shelter-in-place, work-from-home and eLearning mandates have proliferated around the globe. In the US, a recent Nielsen study indicates that average screen time is now exceeding 13 hours a day.

At the event, panel makers including BOE, TCL CSOT, Innolux, IVO, Wistron and AUO announced their new Eyesafe display products and TÜV Rheinland certification. Collectively account for over 60% of the world’s display manufacturing for desktop monitors, all-in-one PCs, and laptops.