TÜV Rheinland Announces New Eyesafe Display Requirements and Certification for Consumer Electronics

November 6, 2019 – SHANGHAI, CHINA and BERLIN, GERMANY // At the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, China, TÜV Rheinland proudly announced the release of the new TÜV Eyesafe Display certification for consumer electronics with Eyesafe, market leader in blue light solutions and standards. The new industry certification identifies achievement of health-guided requirements and high color performance.

“We are announcing a new industry mark representing health and safety for consumer electronics based on health guided blue light requirements and the highest color quality performance. These new brand marks will identify displays which have achieved the highest Eyesafe Standards in digital displays,” said Kalyan Varma, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Product.

The new industry certification mark is based on years of development between TÜV Rheinland, Eyesafe and the Vision Health Advisory Board, and guided by the latest research in blue light with leaders in the eye care community.

“Previously, we were limited by technology development and focused more to the blue light ratio within the display, but now utilizing new faster development processes and innovative technologies we are able to not only balance blue light limitations and also preserve higher color quality,” said Stanley Liu, director of TÜV Rheinland Ergonomics Technical Competence Center. “The new TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe Display certification helps manufacturers communicate device health and safety and superior protection from high-energy visible blue light.”

“Eyesafe Display requirements are based upon the latest guiding research in blue light and screen time health impacts,” said Dr. David Friess, member of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board. “We are very pleased that TÜV Rheinland is now offering this important validation service to identify certification of display performance to consumers.”

The TÜV Eyesafe Display certification was developed to create a validation service for manufacturers who are achieving the Eyesafe requirements for display blue light and color performance. TÜV Rheinland will perform the test and once successful test criteria are met, the manufacturers will receive the TÜV Eyesafe display certification and registered mark for use with product packaging and marketing.

During November 5th through the 10th, TÜV Rheinland and Eyesafe will be present at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, China where they will be showcasing and discussing the Eyesafe Display requirements as well as providing opportunities for manufacturers to engage with representatives to learn further about the new certification standards and research as well as apply for certification testing.

Image: The new TUV Eyesafe Display mark identifies achievement to Eyesafe Standard requirements for blue light and color accuracy




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