Here is one way you can support your remote employees' wellbeing.

How to Support the Wellbeing of Your Remote Workforce

As companies continue to embrace remote and hybrid environments, it’s essential to ensure employees are well taken care of, even when they’re at home. While flexible work environments offer numerous benefits, employees are spending more time in front of their computers, which emit high-energy blue light. In fact, according to a survey conducted by All About Vision, remote employees spend an average of 13 hours per day looking at screens. Employers can help protect their team from blue light exposure with blue light screen protectors, which filter out blue light. Eyesafe® Screen Protectors are designed to reduce blue light, while maintaining vivid color. Unlike many of the software solutions, such as night mode, these blue light screen protectors don’t compromise the screen color.Infographic illustrating how blue light exposure in the workplace is a cause for concern.

Blue light is a high-energy visible light that passes directly to the retina, since our eyes aren’t good at filtering it out. While the largest source of blue light is the sun, blue light from our digital devices is especially concerning because of how much time we spend on these devices and how closely we position them to our eyes.

While laptops, computers, and smartphones are essential tools for completing daily work tasks, it’s important to note that extended screen time and blue light exposure can impact employee productivity and wellbeing. Too much screen time and blue light exposure can disrupt employees’ sleep cycles, which may result in impacted mood, performance, and productivity.

Blue light screen protectors are a must-have when it comes to combatting blue light during long work hours. In addition to protecting company property from scratches and damage, Eyesafe Screen Protectors reduce blue light emissions while maintaining exceptional color quality.

With 94% of eye doctors concerned about blue light exposure and 6 in 10 employees believing that employers should protect workers from blue light, there’s no time to waste.

Eyesafe Screen Protectors are an easy to install, cost-effective solution to managing blue light exposure in the workplace. Learn more about Eyesafe Screen Protection Solutions for Business, and get started on helping your employees establish eye friendly, low blue light work zones.

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