Benilde-St.Margaret’s Partners with Digital Device Eye Safety Leader Healthe to become the Nation’s First Blue Light Blocking School System

MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 14, 2015) – Healthe LLC, the nation’s leader in Eyesafe™ technologies is pleased to announce a partnership with Benilde-St. Margaret’s, the Twin Cities premier Catholic college preparatory school.   Benilde-St. Margaret’s is providing their faculty, staff and students with a safe and healthy learning environment by covering their computers with Eyesafe screen covers.   As education has shifted from books to interactive forms, many leading eye doctors and eye health researchers are concerned with the dramatic increase in screen time and exposure to harmful digital UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light emitted from digital devices.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s (BSM) is partnering with Healthe to implement the Eyesafe screen cover program with the faculty, with an eye toward expanding the program to the student body. According to Dr. Susan Skinner, principal of BSM, “Laptops are very powerful tools that students and teachers rely on to provide a robust next generation learning experience. It makes sense to consider the impact of screen time and take action to provide the very best learning environment for our students.” Having been one of the first schools to implement concussion baseline testing, BSM has a proven track record of integrating student health and wellness into the daily life of the school. The faculty will test the screen covers this year and in partnership with Healthe will assess the impact they have on performance and productivity.

According to a recent study, children’s eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens. This is a growing concern as the popularity of cell phones, computers and tablets for school reading and as personal use continues to grow each year. Increasing public health data and scientific research describes the eye health effects linked to exposure to digital device light emissions, including Computer Vision Syndrome, eye strain, sleep cycle disruptions and the impact on learning and productivity.


“Protecting eyesight when it comes to the progressive use of digital technology and screen time addiction in young people is our number one priority and we offer a wide variety of EyeSafe products to do just that,” said Justin Barrett, CEO, Healthe. “By supporting educators with our Star Pupils program for students, we can help to provide Eyesafe products that will have a positive impact on kids for years to come.”

“As we age, natural filters develop in the lens of the eye that block out some of the harmful natural and artificial light rays. Childrens’ lenses are crystal clear and let potentially damaging blue and high-energy light waves into the eye”, said Dr. Robert Weinstock, MD.  “But even once you develop these natural filters in your lens, excessive digital device screen time allows blue light to penetrate the back of your eye, which could harm your retina.  In addition, studies have shown that excess exposure to the high-energy light of digital devices can suppress melatonin release leading to abnormal circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. This can all lead to problems with a child’s moods, health and productivity.”


About Benilde-St. Margaret’s
Benilde-St. Margaret’s School (BSM) is the premier Catholic, college-preparatory school in the Twin Cities. Located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, educating students in grades 7 -12. BSM offers a challenging curriculum and a uniquely caring experience that includes faith formation, academic rigor, social responsibility and extensive extracurricular activities. With an emphasis on solving problems that matter, the BSM student experience includes developing next generation skills, a strong moral compass and a learning environment that is real-world focused. BSM thrives in the traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the Christian Brothers and the Benedictines who have all shared in our history and developed our institutional character.

About Healthe
Founded in 2014, Healthe LLC is a global provider of digital device light emission protection, developing products that protect frequent users of digital devices from digital light and associated ocular and physical health issues. The company has developed and commercialized an emission reducing film that may be applied directly to various digital devices and produced in other form factors for schools, corporations and the government. EyeSafe Retina Protection Factor (RPF) can selectively reduce the concerning UV and HEV blue light while maintaining the screen image and color quality. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Company manages the sales, marketing and development of EyeSafe™ products, technology and standards. To learn more about EyeSafe™ products, please visit

About Prevent Blindness
Founded in 1908, Prevent Blindness is the nation’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight.  Focused on promoting a continuum of vision care, Prevent Blindness and its Star Pupils program touches the lives of millions of people each year through public and professional education, advocacy, certified vision screening and training, community and patient service programs and research.  These services are made possible through the generous support of the American public.  Together with a network of affiliates, Prevent Blindness is committed to eliminating preventable blindness in America.  For more information, or to make a contribution to the sight-saving fund, call 1-800-331-2020. Or, visit us on the Web at or



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