There are 4 Eyesafe products you should have on your back-to-school shopping list.

4 Must-Have Products for Heading Back to School

It’s no secret that technology is here to stay, especially in the classroom. Modern-day students of all levels use devices such as laptops, tablets, and even smartphones to engage in lessons and complete projects. With all this on-screen learning, its critical to understand how blue light from digital devices may affect students, as well as the available solutions for managing blue light exposure.

Because young children’s eyes are more vulnerable to blue light compared to adults, blue light protection is essential. This year, there are several Eyesafe products students can add to their back-to-school shopping list to protect them from blue light.

1. Eyesafe® Screen Protection for Tablets

Eyesafe® Screen Protection for tablets

Tablets are compact and easy to use, making them popular tools in modern learning environments. However, tablets emit blue light and children often position the screen closely to their faces.

Eyesafe Screen Protectors for tablets not only protect the screen from damage, but they also reduce the tablet’s blue light. Eyesafe Screen Protectors also maintain the tablet’s color quality, so the student won’t have to trade blue light protection for a distracting yellow tinted screen.


2.  Eyesafe Screen Protection for Laptops

Eyesafe® Screen Protection for laptops

Students use laptops to research topics, complete online assignments, and participate in group projects. However, long days spent in front of the laptop can result in sleep disruption because the blue light reduces or delays melatonin production, which is responsible for our sleep-wake cycle. Eyesafe Screen Protectors for Laptops reduce the device’s blue light without affecting the screen color.


3. Eyesafe Screen Protection for Smartphones

Eyesafe® Screen Protection for smartphones

The new school year brings forth busy schedules for many students, causing them to turn to their smartphones to coordinate after-school arrangements with friends, stay in touch with family while they’re away at college, and check their class schedules online.

As students spend increasing amounts of time on their phones, a screen protector that provides blue light protection is key. Not only will their phone screens stay secure from damage, but students will be protected from blue light.


4. Eyesafe Screen Protection for Monitors

Eyesafe® Screen Protection for monitors

Monitors are a common item in most modern households, and students often utilize these monitors to complete online homework assignments.

Children may also spend time playing games and using these monitors for entertainment. Eyesafe Screen Protectors for Monitors can help make screen time eye-friendly by reducing the amount of blue light.


Students rely on digital screens for education, learning and entertainment, but too much blue light exposure can get in the way of a productive school year. Add blue light protection to all your student’s devices – check out Eyesafe Screen Protectors here, and for a limited time, Buy 2, Get 1 Free with coupon code B2G1.


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