Herve Gindre Eyesafe Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Herve Gindre Adds 30+ Years of Display Materials Experience to Eyesafe


Eyesafe has been pivotal in the establishment of blue light protection and color performance standards for the consumer electronics industry. Now, as the company shifts to provide advanced blue light display filters and materials to the industry, it leans on expertise from people such as senior advisor Herve Gindre.

In his advisory role at Eyesafe, Gindre brings 34 years of experience from 3M, where he most recently served as VP & GM Display Materials & Systems Division. He joined Eyesafe as a Senior Advisor in 2017, to assist in the company’s development and mission to create the healthiest displays in the world. He has helped build capabilities and expertise in display materials, which will support the industry momentum toward healthier displays for consumers.



“What makes working at Eyesafe special is we are working on a real problem at the right time, with the right team, technology and eco-system” says Gindre.

In addition to helping with display materials, Gindre, who has lived in Europe, Asia and the U.S., has been closely involved with the company’s international development. “In Europe, we have resources based in France to help support the business. We have insurance companies that have started to evaluate our solutions and are planning to recommend it, as well as Orange, who is a partner on several fronts, commercializing our products through another partner, ZAGG, and evaluating internally the solutions to protect their employees.”

The pandemic has accelerated the amount of time people are spending on digital devices, while also “accelerating global appreciation and awareness of the dangers of blue light”, says Gindre. Looking forward, Eyesafe is making bold moves to expand its blue light filtering display materials, in which Gindre will be a key and valued contributor to success.



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