Eyesafe Standards for the Global Display Industry Updated by Digital Health and Safety Leader Healthe

Eyesafe® Standards, a set of requirements helping to guide consumer electronics manufacturers, which includes blue light emission and display color performance metrics, has been updated to reflect the latest evolving understanding of clinical research and health impacts
Eyesafe® Standard 1.1 is based on clinical research and developed in partnership with the Vision Health Advisory Board, a group of leading ophthalmologists and optometrists from across the globe
• TÜV Rheinland and Healthe will host an upcoming Webinar to help electronic manufacturers learn about requirements, solutions and certification


MINNEAPOLIS, USA // Today, blue light filtration leader Healthe announced updates to the requirements for its industry-leading Eyesafe® Standard. The updated Eyesafe® Standard 1.1, provides refreshed parameters for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Display Manufacturers (ODMs), ensuring that their display technology is effectively reducing high-energy blue light with uncompromised color performance.

The Eyesafe® Standard, released on May 28th, 2019, is a groundbreaking set of requirements providing guidance to the consumer electronics industry and helping to define a healthier consumer experience with reduced exposure to blue light energy and optimal color performance. The Eyesafe® Standard 1.1 has been updated to take into account the latest health research around cumulative blue light exposure from digital devices, while maintaining strict parameters for color integrity.

“The latest research has been pointing in one direction – that the effects of cumulative screen time and high-energy blue light on human health are quite serious, and that the display industry needs parameters to account for an evolving understanding of display technology health impacts,” said Healthe CEO Justin Barrett. “The updated Eyesafe® Standard 1.1 defines more stringent guidelines for OEMs and ODMs to follow as they make their decisions on blue light emissions and future display technology.”

The Eyesafe® 1.1 requirements were established by Healthe’s researchers in close collaboration with the Vision Health Advisory Board, a group of world-recognized eye doctors in optometry and ophthalmology. “The Eyesafe® Standards identify the importance for consumer electronics manufacturers to be aware of this issue for human health, and we look forward to sharing the research that led to the creation of the updated set of parameters with display industry leaders,” said Dr. David Friess, an optometrist with the Vision Health Advisory Board.

The Eyesafe® Standard 1.1 applies to digital devices including phones, tablets, laptops and monitors, and provides a more stringent blue light filtration requirement specific to the high-energy visible light toxicity factor and spectrum from 415-455nm. The new requirements can be accessed here.

TÜV Rheinland, the world’s largest third-party testing agency for the manufacturing industry, has partnered with Healthe in development of industry standards and advocacy of blue light health issues. TÜV and Healthe will be jointly offering webinars for world-leading electronic manufacturers to learn more about blue light health issues, solutions, case studies, standards and certification. “We look forward to our upcoming webinars and providing guidance for leading OEM and ODM suppliers in consumer electronics with Healthe and the Vision Health Advisory Board,” said Stanley Liu, Vice President of TÜV Greater China.

As alluded to by Liu, TÜV and Healthe will be offering exclusive webinars for device manufacturers entitled “How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age” to learn about blue light health impacts, the latest industry research, blue light solutions, case studies, standards and certification.

The webinar will be offered for consumer electronics OEM and ODM suppliers on October 29th at 23:00 GMT and on October 30th at 09:00 GMT. Interested parties can register for the webinar by clicking here.

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Healthe is a worldwide supplier of Eyesafe® technology, Eyesafe® display, and Eyesafe® standards, a suite of pioneering products and services that are shaping the consumer electronics industry’s understanding of device usage, screen time, and the impacts of blue light-emitting devices. Eyesafe® technology and the associated intellectual property portfolio was developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, and light management. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Healthe works to develop technologies and standards in conjunction with leaders in healthcare. To learn more about Healthe and Eyesafe® technology, please visit Eyesafe®, RPF™, and Retina Protection Factor are registered trademarks of Healthe.

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