Eyesafe Screen Protectors for Chromebooks 2x protection

Eyesafe Screen Protection Filters Blue Light and Reduces Screen Breakage by 2X

Eyesafe® Screen Protectors are Designed for Education

Chromebooks are an essential learning tool for students, but their fragile screens are easily damaged by accidental drops and scratches. In addition, many doctors are concerned by the amount of time children spend on screens, including classwork, social media, video games and TV. Prolonged screen time exposes children to blue light, which may affect eyes and sleep, not to mention social emotional learning. Eyesafe Screen Protectors are a cost-effective solution, both in reducing blue light and helping protect students’ devices from scratches, smudges, impact and screen shatters.

The Importance of Reducing Blue Light for Students

On average, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day on screens, and teens spend up to 9 hours.1 80% of what children learn is through their eyes,2 and children may be more vulnerable to the effects of blue light because their eyes don’t have the same blue light-filtering ability that adult eyes have.3 Leading doctors advise that reducing blue light exposure is critical to help promote healthy vision and overall well-being.

Understanding Chromebook Breakage

Student Chromebooks are susceptible to breaking for various reasons, primarily related to their usage and the environment in which they are used. Here are some common reasons why student Chromebooks break:

    • Accidental Drops: Students often carry their Chromebooks between classes or bring them home after school. Accidental drops are common and can lead to screen or hardware damage.
    • Physical Impact: In a busy school environment, Chromebooks can sometimes be subject to physical impact, such as being bumped or knocked off desks.
    • Lack of Protective Cases: Many students do not have protective cases for their Chromebooks, leaving the devices vulnerable to damage.

Benefits and Importance of Eyesafe Screen Protection for the Classroom

  1. Blue Light Protection: Blue light has been shown to suppress melatonin and may disrupt sleep. Too much blue light exposure, especially at night may result in sleep deficiency, which can adversely impact student performance, health, and safety.4
  2. 2X Protection from Impact and Shatter: In-house testing has shown Eyesafe Screen Protectors deliver 2X impact and shatter protection compared to an unprotected Chromebook screen.5 Screen protection helps reduces the risk of screen damage, thus extending the lifespan of the device.
  3. Cost-effective: Repairing or replacing Chromebook screens can be a considerable expense for school districts. Eyesafe Screen Protection is a simple and cost-effective solution, with preferred pricing available for education.
  4. Student Safety: Beyond protecting the Chromebook itself, Eyesafe Screen Protection helps shield students from potential injury caused by glass shards and dust in the event of screen breakage.

Eyesafe: A Comprehensive Solution

Chromebooks are an important tool for student education, and screen time will only increase. It’s essential to protect students and their Chromebooks. Eyesafe Screen Protection provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution, helping reduce screen breakage and exposure to high-energy blue light.



Eyesafe Screen Protection for Chromebook reduces blue light protects the screen


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