Eyesafe and Nanosys Team Up to Fight Blue Light with Blue Quantum Dots at CES 2023

Today at CES 2023, Nanosys, the world-leader in quantum dot materials and display technology and Eyesafe, the global leader in blue light mitigating technology, standards and solutions, unveiled Eyesafe® QD, opening up a new chapter in next-generation displays. Eyesafe QD reduces blue light toxicity while delivering richer, more vibrant colors thanks to an all-new, cutting-edge blue quantum dot technology from Nanosys. It marks a significant leap forward over existing quantum dot solutions and is the first solution to be endorsed by leading healthcare professionals from across the world.

Not only a revolution for advanced displays, Eyesafe QD is the world’s first commercialized blue quantum dot technology. Existing quantum dot solutions focus on red and green light. Now, Eyesafe and Nanosys bring to market a new blue quantum dot that absorbs high-energy blue light and emits in a more desired portion of the color spectrum.

The teams at Nanosys and Eyesafe have been hard at work in developing Eyesafe QD, a solution set that brings state-of-the-art display technology with world-class blue light mitigation,” remarked Eyesafe CEO Justin Barrett upon unveiling the new technology at CES which is being held in Las Vegas.

“We’re really excited to be rolling out this new technology that will focus on the TV, Monitor and Notebook segments,” added Jason Hartlove, the CEO of Nanosys. “This groundbreaking quantum dot technology not only reduces blue light toxicity but delivers more vibrant color.”

Revolutionizing quantum dot technology for health.

Eyesafe QD reduces blue light in what eye care professionals have deemed a highly critical range in the light spectrum, while dramatically improving color gamut over typical LED solutions. It’s a technology that sets a new bar in blue light mitigation, and the first to designate the achievement RPF50 or higher as well as color performance with full reproduction of the DCI-P3 color volume as critical performance parameters. Current solutions for improving display blue light health generally involve reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the display, but Eyesafe QD actively manages light in the display to reduce toxicity while improving color and luminance performance. The result is excellent color performance, with full DCI-P3 color volume, and no loss in efficiency.

Eyesafe QD is nothing short of a complete game changer in the world of frontier display technology solutions. “Eye doctors are very excited about Eyesafe QD because it will immediately address the blue light issue for the biggest screen in the home – TVs and monitors which are getting bigger, brighter and, frankly, a lot more use these days,” commented Dr. David Friess, who leads the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board (VHAB), a group of world-class eye care professionals that consulted on the development of Eyesafe QD. “This new technology is designed first and foremost with human health in mind. It’s game-changing display tech.”

How does Eyesafe QD work?

Eyesafe QD marks a new milestone in display intelligence.

Eyesafe QD is a new type of QDEF™ quantum dot technology for LCD screens based on an all-new heavy metal free quantum dot developed by Nanosys. Each Eyesafe QD component contains trillions of quantum dots that absorb blue light from a standard LED, converting it into a perfectly optimized red, green and blue spectrum designed for human health without compromising color or efficiency performance.

Eyesafe QD fights blue with blue.

Eyesafe and Nanosys have teamed up to introduce a new technology that literally takes on the blue light problem by using blue quantum dots. Eyesafe QD represents a first-of-its-kind breakthrough by using quantum blue dots to reduce blue light emissions while powering displays to deliver far more vivid color experiences.

But that’s not all – Eyesafe QD is made from an all-new heavy metal free quantum dot that shapes the spectrum of blue light in a display, reducing blue light toxicity, improving blue light efficiency and improving color gamut compared to typical LED solutions.

Eyesafe QD world's first blue quantum dot optimized for low blue light

Eyesafe QD: Better for your eyes. Better for the environment.

Eyesafe QD is heavy metal free – zero lead, zero cadmium, making it solution designed in consideration of human health. This 360º approach to health and performance is a hallmark of this new breakthrough, unparalleled technology.

No tradeoffs. Simply better color performance.

Eyesafe QD guarantees advanced blue light protection, with a minimum rating of RPF50. But that’s only half the story. It delivers full DCI-P3 color volume and +58% increased perceived improvement in blue luminance. This patented light conversion technology is poised to turn the display industry on its head with far-ranging applications across the TV, monitor and notebook platforms – and beyond.

Eyesafe QD Standard certified by TUVRheinland

A new standard in display.

Eyesafe QD will be certified by TÜV Rheinland, the global leader in third-party testing and certification. The new requirements will be announced to the global display industry later this year.

Quantum dot technology has lacked a central set of requirements and a universally accepted standard for performance, which has led to confusion among consumers.

The new Eyesafe QD standard will bring a much-needed performance threshold to the industry for quantum dot displays and will ensure that all display units that market their products as using quantum dot technology adhere to a set of requirements. These requirements ensure optimal color performance limited emissions of blue light from the display. The Eyesafe QD Standard will propel the global quantum dot industry into delivering an array of more colorful, low blue light displays across all industry platforms including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TVs, and AR/VR products.

Eyesafe QD is here now. And ready for 2024 product lines.

Eyesafe QD offers brands design flexibility and unique differentiation for their product lineups. Brands seeking to take their QD or low blue light displays to another level of performance can apply Eyesafe QD as a premium add-on to improve the performance of existing products.

Nanosys and Eyesafe will begin sampling Eyesafe QD to display makers in early 2023 for inclusion in 2024 products. Interested parties will be able to buy the film from Nanosys and Eyesafe directly. If you are interested in learning more about Eyesafe QD, click here. To schedule an in-person or virtual demo at CES, contact us here.

Eyesafe QD Advanced Blue Light Protection Quantum Dot Color Performance Highlights and Stats

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