UnitedHealthcare offers incentives to help members reduce their blue light exposure

It’s a new year, and for many vision benefit members, the start of a new plan year. Along with getting an annual eye exam, now is a good time to check what resources might be available to help reduce excessive exposure to blue light.

With screen time climbing to an average of 13 hours per day for Americans, as many as 65% of adults report experiencing symptoms associated with digital eye strain due to extended use of digital devices.1 That’s in part because these devices emit high-energy blue light, which has many doctors and researchers concerned over the potential short- and long-term risks for vision health.2

Blue Light Screen Filters for existing Smartphone, Tablet, Chromebook, Monitor, Laptop
Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Filters

UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest health plan, is taking note. In 2021, the company started offering Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Filters to UnitedHealthcare Vision members at a 20% discount. The screen filters can be applied to an array of digital devices, such as phones, laptops, monitors and tablets. Members who take advantage of this discount can help reduce their blue light exposure with the confidence of a product developed with eye doctors and independently tested for efficacy.

Dell XPS with Eyesafe Display low blue light built-in
Dell XPS with Eyesafe® Display

More recently, UnitedHealthcare announced a new, first-of-its kind discount program on Dell XPS laptops with Eyesafe® Display. As part of the program, UnitedHealthcare Vision members can save up to 20% off the cost of Dell XPS laptops, choosing from an array of different configurations with the size and storage capacity that works best for them. Low blue light technology is built right into the display, with no need to adjust settings or worry about a compromised color experience.

Available to more than 23 million UnitedHealthcare Vision members nationwide, both discount programs are designed to help reduce exposure to high-energy blue light for people purchasing new laptops or retrofitting existing digital devices. Eligible UnitedHealthcare Vision members will be notified about the discount programs via email or can access more information by logging into



About Eyesafe
Eyesafe Inc. is the worldwide supplier of advanced blue light mitigating technology, solutions, and standards. With pioneering products and services, in collaboration with leaders in healthcare, Eyesafe is shaping the future of low blue light consumer electronics. Eyesafe® Standards, Eyesafe® Technology, and the associated intellectual property portfolio is developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers, and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, light management, optometry, and ophthalmology. The Eyesafe brand is trusted by consumers and integrated in millions of digital devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, ZAGG and others. Eyesafe was recently ranked #5 in the computer hardware category in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Learn more at


1. Eyes Overexposed: The Digital Device Dilemma. 2016 Digital Eye strain Report. The Vision Council. [Accessed December 5, 2019]
2. Consolidated blue light research, available at

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