Eye care professionals, employers and parents are increasingly concerned about over-exposure to blue light and symptoms of digital eye strain.*
Eyesafe reduces blue light from digital devices and maintains vivid color.

Screen Time and Working From Home

We spend more time than ever on our digital devices. In fact, in a given 24-hr day, many people now are spending more time staring at screens than sleeping. Recent research suggests a dramatic spike in screen time hours during COVID-19 confinement.

Overexposure to intense blue light emitted by our phones, laptops and monitors may have effects on our health, such as:*

• visual fatigue
• sleep disruption
• long-term vision problems
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Screen Time and Kids

Leading Eye Doctors are Concerned:

“Given that eyes are still developing through the teenage years, blue light protection is important for children’s eyes.”

– Sheri Rowen, MD, world-recognized ophthalmologist and member Vision Health Advisory Board

“There is widespread recognition among pediatricians and eyecare specialists that the eyes of adolescents – and in particularly those of young children – are still developing and thus highly susceptible to unfiltered toxic blue light.”
– Dr. Rob Weinstock, Florida-based ophthalmologist, member Vision Health Advisory Board

Children may be at higher risk for blue light retinal damage than adults. The juvenile lens absorbs less short-wavelength light than the adult lens, allowing more blue light to reach a child’s retina.2

Why are kids at risk? Children tend to hold displays closer to the face. Holding a display twice as close quadruples the intensity.

Screen Time and Gamers

“My sons are professional esports gamers and I’m an eye surgeon. I understand how much time gamers are in front of devices and long-term implications, which is why I’m recommending Eyesafe® Display for less blue light exposure. I know how important color quality is to gamers, and Eyesafe® provides protection without compromising color.”
– Mitchell Jackson, MD
World-recognized ophthalmologist and member Vision Health Advisory Board

 Eyesafe reduces blue light and maintains color integrity.

Industry-leading Displays and Screen Protection



“Eyesafe® Display is a new class of displays that have been designed for human health”
– William Trattler, MD
World-recognized ophthalmologist and Vision Health Advisory Board member

Ask an Eye Doctor: Screen Time and Blue Light FAQ

Chad Dockter, OD from the Vision Health Advisory Board answers common questions about screen time and blue light:

Q: Is blue light harmful for children?

A: “Younger eyes physiologically absorb more blue light than older eyes. The older you are, the more the lens on the inside of your eyes blocks the blue light before it hits your retina. That makes them more at risk for long-term problems such as macular degeneration.”– Dr. Chad Dockter

Learn More about Blue Light

Eyesafe is the recognized leader in blue light solutions for the electronics display industry. Eyesafe collaborates with the eye and healthcare community, display manufacturers and standards organizations to develop health-first technologies, standards and products.

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