COVID-19 is Leading to an Estimated 60% Increase in Online Gaming, according to Nielsen and State of Online Gaming reports

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COVID-19 has led to numerous impacts to our use of screens and consumption of media, including among gamers. According to Nielsen, it’s suggested that COVID-19 and home confinement is leading to an estimated 60% increase in media consumption. Among Gamers in the U.S., average per week hours of gaming in 2019 was 6 hours and 46 minutes per week, slightly above the average of rest of the world of 6 hours and 20 minutes per week, according to a report from The State of Online Gaming. In the U.S. in 2019 this equates to slightly less than one hour per week.

Based upon Nielsen estimates and report on The State of Online Gaming, Eyesafe estimates that in April 2020 compared to 2019:

  • – Weekly screen time among gamers has spiked to 10 hours and 49 minutes per week, up from 6 hours and 46 minutes per week
  • – Daily screen time among gamers has spiked to 1 hour and 32 minutes per week, up from :58 minutes per week

This increased usage corresponds to Eyesafe’s estimate of increased screen time among the general U.S. population.

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