Consumers are turning to products with Eyesafe for blue light protection they can trust.

Look for Eyesafe on Leading Consumer Electronics Brands

As consumers become more familiar with blue light and the potential risks of exposure, many of the world’s largest brands are taking action to ensure their products meet Eyesafe® Requirements for blue light emissions and color performance. Over the last few years, Eyesafe has emerged as the leading blue light brand for the top three PC companies including Dell, Lenovo and HP. Now, the Eyesafe logo can be seen across a multitude of brands and product segments, from InvisibleShield® VisionGuard screen protectors to Lenovo’s latest ThinkPad. Big brands are utilizing the Eyesafe logo to convey to consumers that their product meets the most rigid requirements for low blue light and color performance.

For example, Lenovo recently added an Eyesafe® Certified sticker on the palm-rest of its new ThinkPad 16-inch laptop, so consumers have peace-of-mind that they are using a low blue light device. Other brands, such as HP and Acer, proudly display the Eyesafe® Certified logo on consumer labeling and packaging.

InvisibleShield® includes Eyesafe as a key selling feature on its line of VisionGuard screen protectors. The Eyesafe logo makes shopping for low blue light products easier than ever for consumers, as they comparison shop across brands and segments. The consumer can feel confident purchasing a product with the Eyesafe logo because it symbolizes blue light protection and exceptional color performance.

As consumers spend more time on screens, they will turn to brands that are committed to keeping them protected from blue light. If you are in the market for a new laptop or monitor, check out the Eyesafe products from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, MSI, BenQ, and GIGABYTE here. If you’re interested in learning how to get your product Eyesafe® Certified, contact the Eyesafe team or visit the Eyesafe® Certified page for more information.

About Eyesafe
Eyesafe Inc. is the worldwide supplier of advanced blue light mitigating technology, solutions, and standards. With pioneering products and services, in collaboration with healthcare, Eyesafe is shaping the future of consumer electronics. Eyesafe® Standards, Eyesafe® Technology, and the associated intellectual property portfolio is developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers, and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, light management, optometry, and ophthalmology. The Eyesafe brand is trusted by consumers and integrated in millions of digital devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, ZAGG and others. Eyesafe was recently ranked #5 in the computer hardware category in the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Learn more at

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