Eyesafe Leads with Blue Light Intellectual Property Portfolio

Eyesafe intellectual property portfolio leads the industry

In an era where digital device usage is at an all-time high, Eyesafe is proud to announce significant advancements in its intellectual property portfolio, reinforcing its position at the forefront of digital eye health. With a comprehensive and growing IP portfolio, Eyesafe not only sets the bar for blue light filtration, but also solidifies its superiority over competitive solutions through its unique blend of technology, standards, and expert collaboration.

The Eyesafe Advantage

Eyesafe’s approach to blue light management is unparalleled in the industry, offering distinct advantages that set its solutions apart:

Eyesafe Filtration vs Other Solutions

Selective Filtration Technology: Unlike other solutions that broadly reduce blue light, often leading to significant color distortion and a yellow tint on displays, Eyesafe® patented technologies specifically target the wavelengths between 435-440 nanometers. This selective filtration ensures optimal protection from blue light that carries potential risks to eye health, while preserving the true color and performance of digital displays.

Backed by Global Standards: Eyesafe is a pioneer in establishing industry standards for screen protection and consumer electronics, working closely with TÜV Rheinland to develop Radiance Protection Factor (RPF®). This simple metric provides a rating system to help the end-user identify and compare devices and their respective blue light emissions at a specific brightness level (200 nits). This collaboration highlights Eyesafe’s commitment to defining global benchmarks for blue light filtration.

The doctors on the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory BoardEndorsed by Healthcare Professionals: Developed in partnership with an interdisciplinary team of eye care professionals, engineers, and scientists, Eyesafe® technologies are grounded in the latest health research. This ensures that every Eyesafe solution is both scientifically validated and designed with human health in mind.

Innovations for Enhanced Sleep: Recognizing the broader health implications of blue light exposure, Eyesafe is pioneering new technologies focused on reducing exposure to wavelengths most disruptive to the circadian cycle, further demonstrating the company’s dedication to holistic health. By targeting the blue light spectrum in ways that reduce its interference with the circadian rhythm, Eyesafe’s innovations offer protection beyond eye health, supporting better sleep for users.

Eyesafe technology provides a significant competitive edge: unmatched blue light protection without sacrificing display quality. Its unique combination of health benefits, technical innovation, and industry leadership makes Eyesafe solutions the preferred choice for consumers and manufacturers seeking to mitigate risks the risks of excessive screen time.

Enhanced Value through HPO Portfolio

Other filters vs Eyesafe

In addition to its own broad portfolio of patents in blue light management, a key component of Eyesafe’s unmatched market position is its exclusive global license of the High Performance Optics (HPO) intellectual property. HPO leads the industry in the field of blue light filtration, offering advanced technologies for effective blue light reduction with minimal impact on display clarity and color accuracy. Selective filtration of only the blue wavelengths considered of most concern to our eyes lets other wavelengths through to allow for best color viewing.

Eyesafe’s strategic alliance with HPO not only enriches its existing patent portfolio, but also underscores its commitment to leveraging the most advanced science and technology to protect users from blue light.

“Our advanced technology and IP, combined with the strategic value of the HPO portfolio, demonstrate Eyesafe leadership and commitment to excellence in blue light management,” said Justin Barrett, co-founder and CEO of Eyesafe. “We are dedicated to delivering solutions that not only protect users from the potential risks of blue light but do so without compromising the visual experience. Eyesafe stands unmatched in the industry, setting the standard for what consumers and manufacturers should expect from their digital devices.”

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