Eyesafe Releases Blue Light and Screen Time Guides for Employers, Health Insurance Providers, and Educators to Support Knowledge Sharing and Solutions

February 2020: Eyesafe, the leader in Blue Light management, has released two use guides, one for Employers and Health Payers the other for Educators and School Administrators to assist audiences with understanding the issues concerning screen time and blue light exposure while on digital devices; smartphones, tablets and displays.

The guides’ focus is to initiate a dialogue within organizations and academic centers of excellence on the issues involving blue light exposure from digital screens, what the health impacts are on our eyes and physiological states, and what solutions are available to help ease the impacts on eyesight, cognitive performance and physical states.

Geared specifically to helping employers, human resource professionals and managers, the Blue Light and Screen Time Guide for Health Payers and Employers provides valuable insights into leading research on blue light while framing the performance impacts on knowledge workers who are behind screens for long stretches of their working day.

Blue Light and Screen Time Guide for Schools and Educators, helps frame the discussion around children and student safety while on devices and the impacts high energy blue light may have on learning environments, adolescent development, and long term eye health.

Both guides reference leading research to assist readers with a better understanding of how digital device screen time can affect our eyes, circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, as well as our long term retinal health. Additionally, solutions are presented to help corporations and educational professionals explore options their organizations and learning institutions can deploy supporting a health first environment.

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