Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare visited Lake Worth Middle School in Florida to speak about blue light awareness.

Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare Team up to Protect Students from Blue Light Exposure

On May 18th, Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare visited Lake Worth Middle School in Florida to inform educators and students about the potential risks of blue light. In addition to UnitedHealthcare’s donation of $20,000, Eyesafe also supplied the school with 1,000 Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Filters to help protect students from blue light in the learning environment.

Eyesafe and UnitedHealthcare presented to a medical classroom where students have decided to focus on medicine and their aspirations of careers in the healthcare industry.

Students attended a presentation given by Dr. Scott Edmonds, the Chief Eye Care Officer at UnitedHealthcare. “Outside activities are still the top pick for kids but playing on digital devices and watching TV are high on the list, too,” he commented. “We want young people to be aware of the blue light that comes with that screen time and what it may mean for their eye health and overall well-being.”

While the sun is the largest source of blue light, digital devices such as laptops, TVs, and smart phones also release it. With screen time increasing to over 13 hours a day and handheld digital devices getting closer to our faces, there’s a growing need to understand the potential risks of blue light and the available options for managing it.

“Technology has moved so fast. We’re on our phones and [tablets] all day long and nobody is thinking about what they’re doing to our eyes,” said James Gavrilos, President and CEO of The Education Foundation of PBC. With the donations from UnitedHealthcare and Eyesafe, students in the Palm Beach County School District will have access to low blue light solutions in computer labs and the classroom.

Juan, an eighth grader at Lake Worth Middle School and aspiring neurosurgeon, spoke about his experience at the presentation: “I really appreciated having this opportunity to talk to doctors as well as the opportunity to learn so many new things [about blue light].”

For an inside look into the school’s visit with Eyesafe, watch this video.

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