Seeing Clearly: The Productivity and Health Impacts of Excessive Screen Time

104 million working-age Americans spend more than seven hours a day on screens

Insights from the American Optometric Association

The American Optometric Association and Deloitte Economics Institute released a new report on the economic impact of too much screen time. They found that over 104 million working-age Americans spend more than seven hours a day on screens, costing about $151 billion in health, productivity, and wellbeing. Even just two hours of screen time daily can lead to discomfort and lower quality of life, especially for office workers. Surprisingly, many people with screen-related issues don’t visit eye doctors, despite half of them experiencing vision problems that could improve with regular check-ups.

The report suggests that both individuals and employers need to focus more on eye health at work. The American Optometric Association created a guide called “Eye Health Guidance in the Workplace” to help people and companies learn how to create healthier screen habits. By spreading awareness and taking steps to reduce the negative effects of too much screen time, the report aims to improve wellbeing, boost productivity, and cut down on the costs linked to excessive screen use.

Introducing Eyesafe: A Solution for Excessive Screen Time

The eye-opening report from the AOA underscores the urgent need to address excessive screen use. Several fortune 500 companies have installed Eyesafe® Blue Light Screen Protectors on employee devices to help filter out blue light. Developed with eye doctors, these screen protectors utilize patented technology designed to improve eye comfort, sleep and productivity.

The incorporation of Eyesafe products into the workplace extends beyond a mere health investment; it represents a strategic initiative to elevate employee performance.

The Economic Rationale: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Chart showing increase in concentration, productivity and energy level after using Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors

In a recent pilot program at a Fortune 500 company, 350 employees were surveyed both before and after using Eyesafe Screen Protection. The post-survey showed impressive gains in productivity (+71%), while digital eye strain dropped significantly (-78%). The potential cost savings for employers could be substantial.

Chart showing health symptom decrease after using Eyesafe Blue Light Screen Protectors

  • Increased productivity potential: Employees can complete more tasks in the same amount of time, boosting efficiency
  • Health symptom reduction: Could lead to fewer sick days, less presenteeism, and lower health claim costs for employers

In addition to productivity and health benefits, a significant outcome of the pilot was employee appreciation towards their employer. Participants expressed gratitude for the company’s investment in their health and wellness, interpreting the move as a demonstration of care for them as individuals. Positive employer sentiment could contribute to higher engagement and reduced turnover.

The Forward-Thinking Employer: Implementing Eyesafe

For employers, the implementation of Eyesafe Screen Protection represents a forward-thinking approach to workplace health. By investing in Eyesafe, companies not only enhance their team’s well-being but also position themselves to mitigate screen time costs. The ROI from such an investment is not just monetary, but also includes the creation of a healthier work environment. Technology has become ubiquitous in our lives, and it is more important than ever for workplaces to adapt and prioritize the health of their employees.

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