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Eyesafe, formerly known as Healthe, is an American technology and research company that engineers and designs products that protect users from blue light emitted from digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, and virtual reality headsets. It engineers and produces products designed to minimize the risks of visual impairment, sleep disruption, and other health problems associated with blue light produced by digital devices. Eyesafe was founded in 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Average daily screen time is growing, and as many as 4 in 5 adults complain of digital eye strain – a direct result of extended computer and smartphone usage and prolonged exposure to the high energy blue light emitted from typical displays.

The Health Impacts of Digital Eye Strain and Over-Exposure to Blue Light can lead to

• Dry, irritated eyes
• Trouble sleeping
• Blurred vision
• Reduced attention span
• Irritability and difficulty concentrating

time spent per day looking at screens that emit digital light during COVID-19 Pandemic1

of eye doctors are concerned2

of parents are concerned about digital devices and developing eyes2

of device users report Digital Eye Strain

“High-energy blue light may pose risk to the human eye and overall health. It disrupts the conjunctiva, the white part of the eye, which dries. And if you have already dry eyes or a preexisting eye pathology, it will get even worse. Your sleep is also impacted by high-energy blue light: melatonin, a neurotransmitter in the cerebrum, is depressed. Most people underestimate the long-term effect of screen time, as described in the most important journal in ophthalmology, the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) Journal. There is an ethical and medical problem here. It is a worldwide phenomenon where companies are rushing to the market with solutions claiming certain filtration properties with no clinical or scientific basis. This is a key issue of social responsibility and concern for human health.”
– Burkhard Dick, MD, PhD, President and Director of the Ruhr University Eye Hospital in Bochum, member of the Medical Board of the Euro Eyes Clinic Group in Germany and member of Eyesafe’s Vision Health Advisory Board

Blue Light is all around our kids. Eyesafe helps reduce eye strain, promotes better sleep.

Children And High-Energy Blue Light: A Cause For Concern

High-energy blue light, or simply “blue light”, has been a frequent topic in the media over the last several years. We get blue light from several sources, including the sun, computers and smartphones… Learn more >

Why Eyesafe®
Hervé Gindre, Senior Advisor Eyesafe

Eyesafe patented technology is developed with leading doctors

“Digital exposure has consequences on our oculomotor balance: the extraocular muscles become almost static, the eye-screen focal distance remains unchanged, and the retina continuously receives the light emitted by the screens. This situation of static eye movement accelerates visual fatigue with the appearance of functional signs such as headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, tingling, impaired concentration, etc. Fortunately, this situation is reversible with the implementation of good habits and eye exercises to tone and relax the eye muscles. In addition, some effective solutions now exist to block the harmful part of the blue light and complement a proper attitude with digital screens usage.”
– Nathalie Willart, Orthoptist, Founder of Coach For Eyes


“We have concluded that the disruption of circadian rhythms induced by exposure to artificial light in the evening or at night is established. Children and adolescents constitute a particularly sensitive population. LED-based displays are the first contributors to the retinal exposure dose received in the blue part of the spectrum during the evening and at night. Their growing use have an impact on sleep quality by inducing or maintaining unhealthy sleep habits. Circadian disruption has also been associated with many pathologies such as depression, cardiovascular disease, metabolic conditions, cancer and sleep disorders.”
– Dr Christophe Martinsons Expert in phototoxicity, Contributor, French regulatory survey ANSES 2019-2020 on Blue Light Hazard


1. Eyesafe estimate based upon Nielsen Q3 2019 Total Audience Report https://eyesafe.com/covid-19-screen-time-spike-to-over-13-hours-per-day

2. Screen Time 2020 Report https://eyesafe.com/uhc/

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