Wistron Eyesafe Display

Average screen time is over 10 hours per day

Average daily screen time is growing, and as many as 4 in 5 adults complain of digital eye strain – a direct result of extended computer and smartphone usage and prolonged exposure to the high energy blue light emitted from typical displays.

The Health Impacts of Digital Eye Strain and Over-Exposure to Blue Light can lead to:
• Dry, irritated eyes
• Trouble sleeping
• Blurred vision
• Reduced attention span
• Irritability and difficulty concentrating

Wistron Eyesafe Display intelligently manages light energy at the source – selectively reducing blue light and dispersing across the light spectrum.

Wistron Eyesafe Display Lowers Harmful Blue Light

Reduces impact to the Retina, which causes symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

Built right in to the display, with no need to adjust settings or worry about a compromised color experience, Eyesafe® Displays provide beautiful color with eye protection from harmful blue light.

How Eyesafe Works

Industry Leading Low Blue Light Color Performance Certification

TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services. Eyesafe has collaborated with TÜV Rheinland to provide testing and certification for Eyesafe® Display Standards and to bring peace of mind to our customers. The next generation low blue light Eyesafe® Display Standard comprises maximum permissible energy and color performance requirements – all guided by the latest health research and input from leaders in healthcare.

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Wistron Eyesafe Display – How it Works

By reducing the high-energy visible blue light emission peak, Eyesafe® Display provides a more natural color experience compared with software-only solutions, which significantly affect color performance. The result is an industry-leading low-blue-light display with exceptionally accurate color.

Eyesafe® Display is always on, offering reduced high-energy visible blue light while maintaining high quality color performance.

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Wistron has successfully achieved Eyesafe Display Certification by meeting the industry leading low blue light and high color performance requirements.

The Following Products are Eyesafe Certified:



Learn More about Blue Light and Screen Time

Over exposure to harmful blue light can pose health risks for our eyes. Learn More >

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