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The eye is susceptible to blue light exposure
Leaders in healthcare, doctors, and employers are concerned about blue light and screen time
Eyesafe is guided by world leaders in eye care and partners with leading healthcare brands

Eyesafe collaborates with leaders in healthcare on solutions for overexposure to high-energy blue light from digital devices.

Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board

VHAB Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board Logo The Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board is made up of leading eye care professionals who are innovators in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry. These distinguished eye doctors consult with Eyesafe to provide valuable insights that help drive research regarding the effects of blue light on the eyes and brain. They also help guide the development of Eyesafe® technology and industry standards to reduce blue light emitted by the displays of electronic devices and other sources.

UnitedHealthcare Vision

In collaboration with Eyesafe, UnitedHealthcare is investing in new ways to help children and adults across the country reduce exposure to high-energy blue light from digital devices, and support their overall eye health.

Eyesafe® Clinic Program

Join a community of health professionals helping to share information on screen time safety, blue light exposure and solutions. The Eyesafe® Clinic Program provides tools, resources and information and discounts on Eyesafe® products for your patients.


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