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What is the background behind California State Senate Resolution SCR-73?

Resolution SCR-73 sponsored by Dr. Richard Pan, Chair of the California Senate Committee on Health was introduced on August 21, 2019 for the purpose of bringing public awareness to the growing body of evidence coming out from the medical community regarding the impacts of extended exposure to artificial high-energy visible (HEV) blue light emitted from consumer electronic devices. In addition to unanimous passage by the California Senate, the Blue Light Awareness Resolution for October 10, 2019, was ratified by the California Assembly on a vote of 70-0.


Who is Senator Pan?

Licensed pediatrician and former UC Davis educator, Dr. Pan is a California State Senator representing the Sacramento area. As a practicing pediatrician, Dr Pan, like many in his profession, are concerned with the growing amount of exposure to blue light, especially by children and adolescents from digital devices, and the potential long-term negative impacts that this exposure may be creating.


Dr. Richard Pan’s SCR 73 Establishes October 10th as Blue Light Awareness Day in California


What does Resolution SCR-73 mean for the consumer electronics industry?

While SCR-73 is a non-binding resolution, which means there are no enforcement provisions or regulatory impacts, it may well set the stage for legislative hearings and further study by state officials in determining acceptable levels of blue light emissions from consumer electronic devices.

Historically, California has led the nation in introducing forward-thinking measures to protect the health and well-being of its citizens. With its unanimous passage of SCR-73, the California legislature is once again at the forefront of efforts to protect public health by recognizing and educating the public about the potential dangers of blue light exposure.

This issue is expected to gain momentum throughout 2020 as other States and Countries consider similar resolutions and actions around blue light education and awareness.


What does SCR-73 include?

SCR-73 identifies known and potential hazards associated with exposure to high-energy blue light from devices for children and adults. The Resolution urges consumers to consider taking protective safety measures in reducing eye exposure to high-energy visible blue light. Full language from the Resolution is found here.


How can consumer electronics manufacturers address and meet the needs of this issue?

Given increasing medical evidence and growing public awareness around the dangers of extended exposure to artificial high-energy (HEV) blue light, it is incumbent on electronic manufactures to create displays that reduce levels of HEV light from the most potentially damaging portion of the blue light spectrum. To assist in this process, industry certifications and Eyesafe® Standards have been created.


What is the recommendation for consumer electronics manufacturers?
Electronics manufacturers should consider this action by California lawmakers a signal of potential things to come around high-energy visible blue light and protective measures for children and consumers. Therefore, we recommend acceleration of development of displays that emit reduced levels of HEV light from the most potentially damaging portion of the blue light spectrum. Color performance should be considered in addition to the most recent industry requirements and certifications. Please find information about Eyesafe® Standards and certification here, and options for Eyesafe® display technology here.


What are the Eyesafe® Standards?
Eyesafe® Standards for the consumer electronics industry have been developed with leaders in healthcare, color scientists and display engineers to identify reduced levels of high-energy blue light guided by the latest research, in tandem with color performance. Please find more information about Eyesafe requirements and process for certification here.


Where can I learn more?
Please find more information about blue light and health issues here and solutions for electronics manufacturers here. For more information about SCR-73, please see the published Resolution from the California Legislature or complete the form below. TÜV Rheinland and Eyesafe will be hosting a webinar for display manufacturers to learn more about blue light, solutions and certification. Learn more and sign-up, here.

Ask Your Senator to Support Blue Light Measures

Contact Your Senators and tell them that you’re concerned about the impacts of blue light from digital devices. GO >


Jeff Todd, President and Chief Executive Officer Prevent Blindness :

“For over 100 years, Prevent Blindness has been dedicated to protecting and preserving eyesight; what protection means in the digital age, however, is ensuring that, with all the advances in technology and the increased amount of time we spend on devices, we continue to research and educate about how such advances may impact the human eye.  Resolution SCR-73 passed by the California State Legislature sends a message to the eye care sector, electronics manufacturers, parents and educators that we need to be taking the issue of blue light emissions and extended exposure to digital screens seriously, and undertake the necessary research to fully understand its impact.  We commend the State of California for recognizing vision and eye health as an important public health issue in the context of emerging concerns related to blue light emissions.  We are encouraged that leaders in the state of California recognize the importance of healthy vision and we look forward to continuing to support robust, evidence-based research that can give us further insight into this important health issue.”


Ashley Mills, CEO Vision Council:

“World Sight Day, The Vision Council applauds the California State Legislature for recognizing the importance of the vision health of its citizens. In order to help ensure healthy eyesight, we recommend people of all ages have an annual eye exam to diagnose possible eye disease, identify changes in vision, update prescriptions, and find the appropriate vision correction solution. Every day there are new innovations in eyecare and eyewear to help patients deal with digital eye strain and other vision issues. We encourage everyone to do their own research, visit with an eye care provider, and determine the right eyecare solutions for them and their families.”


Select Members of the CEDARS/ASPENS:

Members of the CEDARS/ASPENS including Dr. Sheri Rowen, Dr. Robert Weinstock, Dr. Mitch Jackson and Dr. William Trattler are pleased to support the recent passage by the State of California, announcing their Blue Light Resolution, CA SCR-73, which passed unanimously by both the California state Senate and Assembly.

This is a key moment for electronics manufacturers and eye health practitioners  to help address the issues involving blue light device health and safety supporting millions of consumers and patients.  With more than 80 million electronic devices with digital screens in the state of California, and average screen time exceeding 9 hours per day, exposure to blue light from devices has become a serious health topic. 

With growing concern around the impacts of extended exposure to blue light from devices, Senator Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), Chair of the Senate Health Committee, sponsored the unanimous passing by the Senate and Assembly of the California Blue Light Resolution for announcement on October 10th as Blue Light Awareness Day.


Steve Bain, SVP ZAGG:

“InvisibleShield recognizes the continued leadership of the state of California to bring important public health issues to the forefront. We are strong proponents of protecting our eyes from high energy visible blue light, and together with our partner Eyesafe, we’re working to infuse blue light filtration technology into our line of best-in-class screen protectors. We look forward to collaborating with legislators and lawmakers, in addition to other key stakeholders in this effort, namely parents, educators, and executives in the business world.”

Questions about CA SCR-73?

If you have any questions about CA SCR-73, please fill out this form and someone from our team will follow-up with you.

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