Vicente Fox at Blue Light Summit 2021

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Headline the 2021 Blue Light Summit

The 62nd President of Mexico will call on global leaders to respond to the potential health risks posed by elevated screen time and blue light exposure.

MINNEAPOLIS // September 22, 2021 // Eyesafe today announced that former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada will be delivering opening remarks at the 2021 Blue Light Summit, which will be held September 28 in Europe/ Americas and September 29 in Asia-Pacific.

President Fox, who served as the President of Mexico from 2000-2006, will be addressing a global gathering of leaders from consumer electronics and healthcare. The topic is soaring screen time and blue light exposure, which is extremely pertinent considering the average American is on digital devices 13+ hours a day, up 30% since the onset of COVID-19.1

“As a former head of state, I can tell you that there is no greater a responsibility to our people than keeping them safe,” said President Fox. “We tend to think about keeping people safe in terms of military, defense, and policing, but as COVID-19 has laid bare, keeping a nation’s people safe also means health and well-being. Leaders and regulators worldwide need to understand the potential long-term health impacts that these bright digital screens – oftentimes no more than a few centimeters from our faces – are having on our eyes. And, importantly, on our children’s eyes.”  

“I am pleased to see a prominent former head of state like Vicente Fox joining the growing chorus of influential voices worldwide that are urging industry and regulators to pay attention to blue light,” remarked Justin Barrett, CEO of Eyesafe. “President Fox is using his considerable global influence to take a stand on this global health issue.”

Blue Light Summit 2021 will bring together a diverse group of executives and thought leaders from top global consumer electronics and display companies, health insurers, optometry, retail, and government to discuss the dramatic impact that COVID-19 has had on device usage, screen time and blue light exposure, sharing what each of their respective fields is doing to address this global health challenge.

In addition to President Fox, presenters include executives from ZAGG, UnitedHealthcare, Lenovo, HP, Dell, BOE and LG Display. The event is free and open to the public. People interested in attending can register here.

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