How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age

The Handbook for Eye Care and Electronics




How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age is the go-to source for the latest information on blue light effects, health considerations, display industry perspectives, standards, requirements and solutions. This handbook provides electronics manufacturers, healthcare providers and consumers important information about eye and health protection from blue light. Contributors to the handbook have been carefully selected among the eye and health care community, and each represent thought and market leadership.

Purpose of This Book

This book is our collective effort to shine a light, so to speak, on the subject of blue light from digital displays.

  • What is the relative risk of eye problems from blue light emitted by the screens of digital devices compared with blue light emitted by the sun?
  • Will current and future generations experience more health problems than their parents and grandparents from disruption of circadian rhythm caused by using digital devices in the evening?
  • Are the current and future generations of computer users at greater risk of macular degeneration or other eye problems than their non-computer-using parents and grandparents?
  • How much blue light exposure from digital devices is too much?
  • What eye protection solutions, if any, are on the market that truly address the issue of excessive blue light from displays?

Let’s admit that smartphones have become our inseparable companions. Speaking ill of what is so near (and dear) to us is just wrong, isn’t it? Most people would say that smartphones and consumer electronics have elevated humanity by giving us greater access to each other plus sources of information and entertainment that enrich our lives. If there was any basis to a public health issue associated with digital displays, wouldn’t the tech industry have already taken care of it?

In and of itself, the subject invites a high degree of skepticism. There are some things we know, and there are many things we do not know. There is no consensus on the effects of toxic blue light emissions. There are gaps in the research. There are differing opinions within the health community and certainly within the technology community.

We invite your critical reading. Noted up front, the collective authors of this book have a vested interest. We want everyone to be better educated on the subject of blue light. We also want progress toward more research, better standards and clear health guidelines. We are promoting specific solutions. And, we hope that out of an abundance of caution, you might consider taking steps to protect your and your children’s eyes.

How This Book is Organized

The beginning chapters of this book cover the health issues associated with toxic exposure to blue light. The second part of the book provides guidance from the health care community. The last section covers emerging standards and technical remedies.

It is not necessary to read each chapter in sequence. Topics are cross referenced – you can jump to the appropriate chapter to find more detail – and explore the diversity of research and opinion.

We hope that these points and other information in this book will provide a context for future research findings, health advisories and public policy.

Justin Barrett
September, 2019

About Healthe

Healthe is the worldwide supplier of Eyesafe® technology and Eyesafe® standards – pioneering products and services that are shaping our understanding of device usage, screen time, and the impacts of blue light-emitting devices. Eyesafe® technology and the associated intellectual property portfolio was developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, and light management. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Healthe works to develop technologies and standards in conjunction with leaders in healthcare. To learn more about Healthe and Eyesafe® technology, please visit

Vision Health Advisory Board

The Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board is made up of leading eye care professionals across ophthalmology and optometry. They help define and shape the future of eye health and vision care delivery through innovation, continuous education, and collaboration. The Vision Health Advisory Board reviews and establishes clinical research, develops industry standards for eye and human health, and collaborates with leading manufacturers.


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How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age